About The Author

Alphafit, LLC was created and founded in October of 2011 by Mr. Bulsby O. Duncan, CEO & President of Alphafit. Alphafit wants to help encourage, motivate, and educate youth at an early age about the importance of health, wellness, and fitness in relation to how these aspects play an important role in the lives and future in children’s early development. Mr. B. Duncan is an author, illustrator, artist, and ACE certified trainer with a clinical background. He also has a bachelor degree in Health Science from Lincoln University; PA.    
Mission: To help in the fight against childhood obesity and provide a broad range of essential educational tools (e.g. books, DVDs, web links, and etc) and opportunity to inspire the youth with fundamental skills of physical fitness, confidence building, character, and increasing their knowledge in the importance of exercise. Alphafit, LLC wants to connect with the support of the community resources, libraries, and network media(e.g. radio, TV., newspaper, etc.) in order to provide a dynamic working relationship with all entities in promoting a change in the attitude towards the importance of exercise and being more active.    
The company MOTTO: “STAY ACTIVE” stressing the importance of establishing habits of a healthier lifestyle. Philosophy: The company was built on a spiritual foundation of seed, time, and harvest.  
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  • Book info: This book introduces healthy activity unifying each letter of the alphabet and exercise, and is intended to reinforce the importance of being active at an early age. Bulsby Duncan utilizes a unique style of teaching children different elements of fitness through his book “Jacob’s ABC’s of Exercise.” This book introduces healthy activities unifying the letters of the alphabet and exercise, and is intended to reinforce the importance of being active at an early age. “Jacob’s ABC’s of Exercise” focuses on the various components of exercise such as: aerobic, abdominal, balance, flexibility, strengthening, and stretching. This book is also geared to assisting in the development of self-esteem, building character, and increasing knowledge of exercise in children to help in the fight against early childhood obesity. Parents and teachers will love how this book allows them to interact with the kids to help them learn ideal ways to be and stay fit. According to the American Dietetic Association (ADA), one in every three children is obese and weight-related diseases are a result of their lack of activity. To join the national movement to reduce childhood obesity, Mr. Duncan created AlphaFit. AlphaFit promotes healthy lifestyles during early childhood development by stressing the importance of being active. Mr. Duncan knows that children are our future and wants to start with ACTIVITY as a way to head them in the right direction. Grab a towel and some water and get ready to exercise with Jacob!! Bulsby Duncan received his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. He is a Certified Personal Trainer with years of clinical experience. He believes in the importance of exercise in early childhood development as the foundation for a healthier generation. He currently lives in Maryland where he continues to expand his creativity.