AlphaFit Kids

Jacob is the leader of the group. He is full

of creative, fun, and positive energy that

he wants to share with you.

Lyn is the spirited organizer of the group.

She helps to keep everyone on the same

page with all the activities.

Jenn is the brainy girl but don’t let that

fool you because she is very competitive in

all activities.

Kelly is the most outgoing kid that doesn’t

mind stepping up to the center stage and

giving her all no matter the outcome.

Buzz is the athlete of the group, who

competes at a high level in every activity

and gives 100% of positive energy in

taking on a task.

Zack is the shy kid of the group. With a

little encouragement; he’s willing to

participant in all activities and give it his

best with a smile.

Tommy is the extreme kid out of the

bunch. He will take on an activity and then

raise the level to challenge the group.  He

brings more than enough energy to the